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A guided walk following the Great Fire of London

Relaunching 7th March till 31st October 2020

The tour runs every Saturday at 11.00. Please register your interest in advance of the walk

A Walk Through The Fire

The Great Fire of London was one of the great historic moments in London’s long history, ripping the heart out of the medieval City and allowing the modern London we know now to develop.

This fascinating walk through the heart of the City follows the Path of the Fire from its beginning in the premises of the Kings baker to its conclusion close to the mighty St. Pauls Cathedral, passing through some of London’s most historic surviving buildings and hearing tales of some of the Capitals most prominent citizens.

This is not just a story of destruction, but of rebirth, renewal and hope from ancient times to the present day.

“As dawn broke bright and clear on the first day of September 1666 no one realised that they were waking to the last sunrise the old city would ever see, no one dreamed that for the next 6 days God would blot out the heavens or that hell would break loose as fear and flame turned the streets of London into Armageddon.”

Quotation from “By permission of Heaven” – Adrian Tinniswood

The Walk

THE Great Fire of London, the name itself is hugely evocative – not just the Fire of London but the GREAT Fire of London.

The great fire of 1666 was the biggest and most destructive single event to occur in London’s long history, destroying 13,200 houses, 87 Parish Churches, 44 Company Halls; the Royal Exchange, Custom House, St Paul's Cathedral and the three western city gates. It is estimated that 70,000 out of the 80,000 occupants of the city were made homeless by the fire.

We’ll also be looking at the links between the Great Fire and the other major transformative event in London’s history, the Blitz of the Second World War.

the tour runs every Saturday at 11.00, booking in advance is required. Outside of the regular walk, private tours are by prior arrangement with a minimum of 10 participants. This can be evenings or some Sunday's.

Our Walk starts adjacent to the Monument to the Great Fire, distance is approximately 2.5 miles (4 km) and takes around 2.5 hours.

Selected highlights include:

  • The Monument to the Fire built between 1671 and 1677
  • The location of the start of the Fire at Pudding Lane
  • The remains of several churches affected by the fire
  • The oldest surviving buildings in the City of London, dating from the 13th - 15th Centuries
  • Stories of some of London’s most prominent historical citizens
  • The impact of the Blitz in WW2 on the surviving structures from the Great Fire

At the end of the walk you will have passed through the historic centre of the City of London and witnessed its rebirth and renewal from the trauma of the Great Fire further destruction from WW2 bombing and later incidents.

We’ll examine well known myths about the Great Fire – did it eradicate the Plague from London, how many died in the fire and reach some surprising conclusions.